To make this process as easy as possible we have outlined a number of steps you will need to undertake before we can commence production of your 60 Second Snapshot™.


  1. Rough out content, what you want to say
  2. Time it by talking and measuring time
  3. Select images for content
  4. Company logo specifications ie: colour, supply as JPEG, GIF
  5. Place in order of presentation you want shown.
  6. Supply copy relating to the images or any special wording including any category headings, remembering the KISS principle that less is best & one topic per image.
  7. Identify your differentiation in the market; What is so special about you/your company, services or products?
  8. Do you have an offer to prompt a viewer into “action”!
  9. Supply Company contact details – person to contact – phone number or email address.
  10. Place images, logo, copy for slides and voice over them in a “Dropbox” or Hightail to



Proposed Layout:

2 sec     60 Second Snapshot logo

2 sec     Company logo

3 sec     Introduction of Company/Person

4 sec     Who we are/What we do

4 sec     History/Owners/Where we have come from

30 sec    Content pages/services/products

7 sec     Differentiation/What makes us different from others/Point of difference

5 sec     Special offer/service for limited time

3 sec     Company Logo/Contact details



Extras not included, P.O.A:

  • Logo development
  • Photography
  • Image retouching, deep etching etc.
  • Translation to languages other than English
  • Building of website
  • Attachment of 60 Second Snapshot to your website



Payment Details:

  • 50% on placement of order
  • 50% on supply of finished product, prior to sending to your web manager for placement.
  • Direct debit
  • PayPal




To make this work, you need to have your staff understand your presentation and especially your point of difference and if there is an offer!

Have all of your staff knowing, memorizing the 60-second message!

Post it on your Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Even load it to You Tube or send to your existing and potential customers as an email with this file as an attachment

Show it on a TV screen at your workplace.

For less than A$1,000 you can promote your business professionally with your story.