We have a saying at 318 Advertising that we try to live by …

The little things you do outside the norm are the ones that count

It’s the things that go unnoticed at the time; the extra efforts that are later seen that produce added benefits when you least expect them!

Many great things have happened for going that extra mile and doing that little bit extra for no immediate reward.

At 318 Advertising, we apply this philosophy to our projects, along with this and our creative and cost effective methods, we are able to deliver successful campaigns that deliver results now and down the track.

For over 20 years, 318 Advertising has built a sound reputation due to its integrity, value for money, prompt delivery, and ability to listen, understand and deliver solutions that work.

Our focus is on providing programs and materials that are:

  • Results focused, with an emphasis on increasing sales for our clients.
  • Growing market share and increasing gross margins in depressed markets.
  • Brand development where the message complements the values and culture of the business.

However our main objective is to make your life easier.

If we can make your job easier at a cost effective rate, then we have achieved our goal!