ahhhh Mauritius!

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Coming up with new destinations to recommend to company executives for their sales, staff or customer incentive trips is a lot of responsibility as if it is not right, the incentive may not have the result you were looking for. So having taken successful incentive trips to our near neighbours, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia to name a few, 318 recently expanded our reach to include Hawaii, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok all teaming with excitement and activities that keep a group occupied and on the go.

So to change the pace, we recently travelled to the Indian ocean island of Mauritius which is an 8 hour flight from Perth travelling towards South Africa.

Mauritius is a peaceful place with minimal crime and the population of native born islanders is mixed with other races to form a classic blend of educated, happy people that see that a tourist is their life blood and are happy to see and serve them. Previously colonised by the British and the French it is dyslexic in that the people speak predominantly French but drive on the left hand side like the British. There are so many examples of this French or British way that it makes you laugh sometimes and feel sorry for the locals trying to make sense of it all.

The main industries are tourism, sugar cane farming and clothing manufacturing and there are no wild animals on the island including snakes!

Catering for the European holidaymaker in the main, the accommodation, meals and appointments are first class and all meet with our expectations.

There are many activities that are supplied free at most resorts including sailing, canoeing and snorkelling equipment and there are also the upmarket activities like paragliding, water skiing and scuba diving if you like these activities.
There are some world class golf courses and some fabulous fishing both inside and outside the reef that surrounds the majority of the island.

I was lucky or unlucky to go swimming with the dolphins. It was a great experience being in the water trying to keep up with them, they are not tame but come to the same spot every day. I say (tongue in cheek) unlucky as I can give everyone reading this a warning…..be wary of swimming behind a pod of dolphins. Why because nature happens…..they have to “go” sometimes and the mess can be blinding as you swim through it!!!

My summary is that Mauritius is a lovely place, safe, accommodating and reasonably priced in comparison to what else in on offer from like destinations. The Pacific Islands offer very similar and are closer ….but….they are not exotic like Mauritius is!