I liked it so much … I bought the business!

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The evolution of 318

I first came across 318 Advertising back in 1993 when I was the marketing manager of Atkins Carlyle an automotive parts wholesaler based at Auburn Sydney. There I worked closely with John and Linda Murphy owners of 318 since around the early 1980’s, providing them with the relevant material which they then put together into various sales flyers for distribution to service stations, auto parts stores, auto electricians, mechanic workshops etc.

Over the years when I left to go to other companies, where possible I took 318 with me as this was a company that was not like the standard advertising agency.

At that time I was relatively inexperienced and was not versed in the subtleties of the business but this is where both John and Linda educated me to know what I was expected to do and with their help became quite competent.

Together we put together a successful Dealer loyalty program that included a series of highly enjoyable conferences at some beautiful locations and even events like the Australian and Malaysian F1 Grand Prix’s. From that experience John offered to his other clients more conferences especially at his favourite destination Hawaii and Grand Prix experiences at Singapore, Macau and China.

After 40 years of working I took a “gap year” and during this time John, approached me with the prospect of buying the business as he wanted to spend more time with Linda.

So after having 318 Advertising as a supplier for 20+ years, in March 2014 I took over the business and he we are.

I plan to maintain the basics that John and Linda endeared in this company by offering value for money and good wholesome service. We do the little things that many don’t as they look at it that it is not worth their effort. If we can take some pressure off your shoulders then that’s what we are here for. We don’t mind the small jobs like designing and printing name tags for an event, normally this job is left for someone in your office to do!

When I started in business, communication was basic and most offices had the plug and connect switchboards and the telex machine was the way to transmit orders or messages from company to company. We have embraced the technological revolution and have grown with the digital age. We feel as though we are in step with the development and now revolution that is marketing and advertising. 20 years ago if you were not front page of your section in the Yellow Pages your business didn’t grow. What has changed now is that if you are not in the first 3 or 4 on Google search then you don’t get that phone call or email enquiry. So nothing much has changed other than the method of reaching the consumer.

I am going through the pros and cons of whether to change the company name to 318 Marketing as to me the term Advertising limits our appeal to clients as they think we are only into advertising.

We will be over time expanding our services to adopt new advances and new products that will keep you at the forefront of promoting your business as it is your business that must be successful for 318 to be successful.