“it’s the little things you do outside the norm, are the one’s that count”

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It was around 1978 when I was a Technical Sales Representative with Hella-Australia a major player in auto electrical lighting and accessories and I had a customer KP Auto Electrics in Frankston Vic who had purchased and installed a set of quartz halogen headlamp replacements for a customer’s Ford Falcon. The owner of KP had installed the products and claimed that his customer was very disappointed at the performance of these vastly improved brighter lights that had computer designed optics to display light on the road where you need it and not sprayed into oncoming driver’s eyes.

I arranged to visit one cold wet wintry night at 8.00pm with a headlamp aiming machine to realign the headlamps to try and satisfy his customer. To travel there was a 50+km drive there from my home but I was passionate about the company’s products. When I set up the machine I could see that the light pattern was all over the place and on closer viewing saw that the globes had not been positioned in the correct manner resulting in the globes being 90 degrees out. This was an installation error so I quickly made the change to seat it properly made some adjustments to the headlamp adjusters and we then took the customer for a drive to check out the change.
He was staggered by the improvement and was ecstatic with the change from the old sealed beam headlamps.

I packed up, left them and went home.
The following day I rang the owner and told him the globe was incorrectly seated and that he needed to be aware when doing another installation. He thanked me for not showing him up in front of his customer and I went on my merry way.

Just after the Summer holiday break I returned to work in mid January and was summonsed into my boss’s office.
I was asked if I knew the owner of KP Auto Electrics whom I said I did and then the story of that winter’s night was told to me by my boss. Little did I know that my boss parked his boat at Eildon Weir and was next to another boat and got talking to his neighbour where they found what each other did for a living where my boss was told of my act going above and beyond that winter’s night.

I was then offered a new position that would be created the following year as the Queensland State Manager taking over from a manufacturer’s representative company that was looking after the company in that state.
It was my boss saying that actions like I did that winter’s night is what they wanted in a manager that would be operating at arm’s length 2,000 kms away from the head office. Someone that could be trusted and committed to doing the best thing for the company.
I had 8 fabulous years managing Queensland with Hella before being transferred as a promotion to be the Victorian/Tasmanian State Manager.

So from after that experience I looked at the many times during my life when I had received more than I should due to doing those little things outside the norm.

So I coined up the saying:”it’s the little things you do outside the norm, are the one’s that count” and try to continue doing those things that are not expected.