No strings attached

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I came across this unique novel product range to attract attention for a product in a shop window or at the point of sale.

  1. IMG_0819

Working on the principal of electro magnetics where like poles repel (opposites attract) a small platform rotates showing a 360 degree view of the product on the stand. I thought it was perfect for displaying a phone, pair of glasses, watch or a lovely necklace.

But I suppose it is the fact that there is nothing between the platform and the base that got me in that an invisible force is amongst us!

Some models just levitate without rotating and can have inbuilt LED’s to stand out in a darkened area. There is quite a range of models to take various weights up to 2 kgs and operates via a 240 volt connection converting to 15 volts at the stand.

Ahh small things amuse small minds and this amused me and I might buy one for home and use it as a “lazy Suzie” passing the peanuts around the table setting out the back porch!