Portable plinths can save space and money

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in News, What we like | No Comments

I recently had to arrange for some clients some plinths for trade shows. We were able to hire some but had to purchase a number which was a shame as at the end of the show they were thrown out as there was nowhere for the client to store them.
One of our suppliers has come up with this great low cost reusable plinth format with many versions that are simple to set up and to pack up and store.

Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene base with melamine faced food grade MDF top. They are easy to clean with domestic cleaning products or even just water.

They are reinforced to hold 60- 80kg in weight. The standard base sizes are 300, 400, 500, & 600 sq., the top can be flush fit or over hang.
Plinths heights can vary to from 100 up to 1200mm or even custom height. They require no tools & just few minutes to assemble.

You can have your own branding on the plinths or even make them to your own colour, or have an interchangeable wrap around sign held with Velcro or even with fabric sock. The sock clings to the base of the plinth and it takes just seconds to change them. The sock is a dye sublimated fabric print which gives the flexibility of washing them if it gets dirty or dusty. These are great for companies with a number of brand categories that a simple change of fabric sock or even wrap around plastic signs can be used at various functions.

I was blown away at the flexibility and strength of these and wish I had known of these units a few months ago as I would hate to have added up the cost of plinths that I have thrown away over the years!