How do you compete “head-on” with the market leader?

This was the position that faced Chamberlain’s merlin® branded residential automatic garage door and gate openers.

The market leader has a well known brand and a strong dealer network with market research confirming a strong consumer brand recall.

Their dealer network is the strongest in the market therefore the “other dealers” were a group of independents fragmented and leaderless. Chamberlain created a dealer loyalty program with a detailed program of marketing benefits that were provided to the dealers to give them a common identity and a viable alternative to the market leader.

318 Advertising being well experienced with the development of dealer programs provided all of the support material featuring a program folder that had a sell-in guide and explanation for the dealers of what was available.

The majority of material supplied was in the form of marketing packages that allowed the dealer to self market in a professional manner that supported the merlin brand marketing. This collective approach expanded the marketing spend across merlin and the dealers resulting in a greater exposure and more sales.