How does a very successful commercial air conditioning company break into the residential market?

Temperzone, one of Australasia’s most successful industrial / commercial HVAC systems manufacturers was appointed the Australasian marketer and distribution company for the Hitachi residential range of air conditioners

Temperzone’s network was not experienced working with the home owner therefore a combined strategy of education to the dealer network and new residential consumer sales support material provided a script to allow the dealers to follow.

318 Advertising designed and developed all of this material and bridged the divide between fear and unwillingness to venture into happy and contented businesses.

Sales promotions also incentivised the dealers to tread outside their commercial comfort zone and to embrace the new world of residential opportunity. 318 organised and arranged these incentive programs that have now become an annual event.

The Hitachi range is now well established and the Temperzone dealers have enjoyed a growth to their business being a “win-win” for all.