MSA Australia wanted to make an impact at the AIMEX Trade Show with their stand. They approached 318 and we immediately started workshopping ideas with them.

MSA is celebrating their 100th year and they wanted to showcase the heritage of the company. Showing where they came from to the technology and innovation they bring to the market place now.

The concept for the stand was the ‘Century Mine’. The stand was styalised to represent an old fashioned coal mine. You accessed the stand by entering a mine shaft and being given a hard hat and headlamp and escorted through the tunnel. As you progressed through the tunnel you went through the history of MSA over the past 100 years, eventually emerging into a bright open area that was the modern era for MSA

318 not only came up with the look and feel of the stand, we also helped with the way the stand would run. We organised actors and briefed them to engage with visitors and take them on the journey through the mine telling the MSA story along the way. This was a great hit with visitors and helped to engage them in the stand, creating a greater interest and desire to find out more when they made it to the main area, where they were greeted by MSA staff to provide further information.